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My  Country-Western Songs

News from the West: Bad Girls are everywhere!

As far as I could see, nothing is as it seems to be. Good girls, bad girls, I think I met them all. But it was worth of it.

More about Me.

This guitar was my first one and maybe – it would be my last. Living in a good tradition of music means playing an instrument that sounds good, nothing else.








A Man like Me

About „feelings“ – happy feelings for you and me

As time goes bye, feelings change, sometimes I feel happy, sometimes I feel blue…





Interview with BO WESTCLIFF alias Andreas Hönsch


Music-and-Art : BO Westcliff


Hi BO, nice to meet you. Thank you for spending some time with me.


Thank-you, you‘re welcome.


After listening to your last songs, that belong to the Country/Western-Genre, I would like to know, when you changed your mind to sing Country Songs. As I know, you did hate this during your whole music carreer.


Yes, I did not sing these kind of songs before. But I did‘nt really hate this genre, I‘m not going to lie, that music just wasn‘t my thing. My favorite music is Rock n‘ Roll or Jazz. I was studying classic Music and Jazz-Piano, so Country or Western-Music was not in my line.


When did you change your mind?


You know, times of Corona have changed a lot in the music scene. You are not on stage, your band is forced to work in the studio, and so on. Sometimes you‘re lying bored on your sofa, thinking about the past. During this long period I‘ve started to go through YouTube some hours a day, when I came across a few of Country singers that cought my attention. And to my own surprise I found it not so bad. My favourite singer is Jonny Cash.


So, you want to sing like Jonny Cash?

BO: (laughs)

You‘re joking. No, that is not my intention, but I got some inspiration from him. The stories he is telling are not my stories. The truth is that Jonny always told what happened to him and all of his songs have to do with him personally. To work on a song means, you have to think about your life and find an interesting hook and a story that is appealing to your listeners. And of course, you should identify yourself with it. That is what I learnt from him.


What is important for you, when you are working on a new song? And how do you start?


Oh, how should I explain. Normally I take my guitar and play some chords and after a while there is a melody or a hook, sometimes there is nothing. For me it is the most important thing to find a good hook. It takes some time, but I always trust in the process and my guitar or my piano. And whatever comes to my mind, I try it out or put it in the song. After some days I work again on the song and sooner or later it‘s coming to life. For the lyrics I sometimes get some help from my co-songwriter.


Wo is playing the instruments and doing the arrangement of your songs.?


Oh, of course me. I play all the instruments like piano, drums, electric guitar, and others and mix it to the lyrics, until the sound is okay for me. If I need violins, trumpets or a sax, some of my collegues give me support.


What is the story behind „Bad Girls“ and „My white Lady“?

BO: (grins)

What do you think? It‘s kind of funny that you ask me that. The lyrics tell a story about girls and women of different kind. I think all men get sometimes cheated, anyway. Life can be cruel but you get over it. Music helps you to survive.


Thank-you Bo for answering my questions. I wish you the best for you and your songs.

Andreas Hönsch, the unknown lonely fellow:

More than everything, Andreas loves his home in Moormerland, his hometown, the Sea and all the people there he calls his friends. He always thinks about going back, one day. 

He wanted to sing a song about his feelings for the North, it’s called: „Auf hoher See“

(his last Song, released on 4th November 2020)

Gone forever

Andreas Hönsch died on 13th of November 2020

The only important thing in life are the traces of love we leave behind when we have to leave without being asked and say goodbye… (Albert Schweitzer)

Another Song, written for Andreas in the week he died is also a song about his homeland and his longing for being there.

If somebody out there wants to arrange and play or sing this piece of music in memory of Andreas, I would appreciate to get a MP3 for showing and playing it here on this site. 

„Das rote Haus“

(Intro, Vers, Refrain)

Partitur im PDF-Format

Das rote Haus

For close friends:

Some Compositions from Andreas, not released, yet


Ich geh‘ z’Fuaß

Film Music


The following Video is only for close friends of Andreas.

It’s about a musical collaboration of the past 3 years

How long it’s been since yesterday

What about tomorrow

What about our dreams

And all the memories we share

We had good times, but they have gone

Pain remains and it‘s yours all alone.


We light a candle for you and we are grateful that you were in our lives.