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Once in my Lifetime

„Piano Man“

„Miracle Woman“

„Where can I go“

„Auf hoher See“

„Bad Girls“

„Miami Beach“

„Let’s forget about love“

„Ich sag Hello“


Have you ever met somebody unexpectedly during a trip on a train or bus and fell immediately in love? Such things happen. And no one is protected from such an experience. Sometimes it is a gift, sometimes it hurts. This is, what’s the song about.
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I’ve got a feeling

„A perfect love“

When you meet somebody the first time and you are attracted by the appearance and the way this person moves, you can fall in love and hope that this will last. These hopes not always will become true. But this song is about a real love on first sight and it lasts for a lifetime.
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New York – City of my life

I wrote this song after a stay in Manhattan. It was such an exciting experience to dive into the city-life of New York that I put the first ideas down sitting in the plane home. Of course it is also an hommage to the great star Frank Sinatra, wo was the first to sing about this wonderful city. 

Strolling through the different districts of New York is like exploring different countries. The huge buildings and the neon lights are amazing and no picture can capture it’s faszination. You have to get it in real, it is breathtaking and the memory stays…. until you come back! And I will next year.

about the song

„Music is magic“ by Serenate

Our new grandchild was born in April 2019 – we are happy –
and this is the Song for Jonas


Butterfly Wing

A sudden touch of love, that’s what this song is about

It’s a New Life