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A Mini-Musical with 11 new songs

Cover - The World meets ChristmasOur world has become small. The digital age networks people across all continents. A small robot from space lands on our planet because it has a living heart and has been ejected by its friends. The other two characters in the musical are Lucy and Noah. 

Will the little robot Sunny be able to make this couple’s greatest wish come true at Christmas?

With 11 new songs, some of them Christmas carols, the fairy tale of Lucy, Noah and Sunny is told.

Audio Samples:

Title: Uh, it’s Christmas

Title: I’ve got a feeling

Title: Fly to me

The Characters


She is an African girl, living in a small village in the middle of South Sudan. She wants to call her cousin, who is already in Europe. She is planning to leave the country because of war and hunger. By coincidence her call arrives in Alaska at Noah, the Eskimo. Although she does not know, who Noah is, she finds him symphathetic and realizes that this boy also wants to change his life. At the day of Christmas she wishes that her dreams become true.


He is a real Eskimo, living in an Iglo in the South of Alaska. He grew up with five brothers, and as oldest son he has to overtake the work of his father, who is a fisherman for whales and seals. He is hunting every day in the icy sea to guarantee the nourishing of the dogs and his little village. Noah does not like to hunt and to kill animals. He wants to leave his country and live in a warmer region. When Lucy calls him, he gets excited to meet this girl. Noah falls immediately in love with her and her lovely voice.


This little robot comes from a planet of the Andromeda Nebula. There he was expelled from his comrades, because he has a living heart. He could no longer follow the rigid rules on the planet. After a long journey through space, Sunny finally circled the earth. The colorful northern lights and many Christmas trees made the little robot so curious that he let himself fall down to the blue planet below. With his warm heart he landed at Noah and the story starts.


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More songs from the CD:

Titel: Darling be with me at Christmas

Titel: Shining Light of Bethlehem

Titel: Weihnachtstraum