The Chronicle

2017 – The first songs

This passion of composing songs became part of my life.

And – it is the best thing I‘ve ever done.

When I began to write my first song „A new life“ I did never think about going further. But soon, after the song was recorded, I felt that so many things had happened in my life which could be used for songs. So I started again at my piano. So, song after song came into beeing. My biggest problem then was to find somebody, who arranges it, sings it, produces it, etc. But I did not give up, I was on my way…

Working in the Studio is very exciting. Recording, mixing and at least mastering are so intensive things that you barely can’t wait until the sound is complete and all tracks are done and it is recorded.

The song „It’s a new life“ was realized in the studio of The song was arranged and played by Friedemann Emmert of „Fred and the Roaches“ The singer was my husband Wolfgang Horlacher.

Some pictures of the Studio I  was working with:

music Studio        music Harry Hirschmann

Here are three of the songs I have written during the last months:

These demos were produced in my home-studio with vocals and unplugged guitar by my friends Friedel and Sabine.

„You are the reason“

Paar für LiedVerse 1

You changed my life in many ways and with you all my dreams came true

My love will last for all my life, all I want is to hold you tight


You are the reason when I feel happy

you are the reason when I feel blue

you are the reason when life is crazy

you are the reason when I’m so true

Verse 2: 

I walk alone through empty streets……


„I will take care of you“

Caring for somebody is the most important things we can do…


GitarrenVerse 1:

Your passing by my window, your passing by my door

I’m listening for your footsteps, but I can’t wait any more.

Your hair smells like summerwinds that take me to the shore,

I’ve wasted all my time with dreams but you’re what I’m waiting for.

Verse 2:

I’m knocking at your window, I’m knocking at your door……


I will take care of you and of me, come on take my hand and we will be free.

„The world goes round“

Football is the world’s most famous game, and this song can be interpreted as an anthem as well as a rock-song.

First version, with accustic guitar


Verse 1:

Our mind is free, our feet are fast,

we kick the ball and win at last.

Our play is fair, we are so proud,

with all of you the world goes round.


Our heart is beating so strong and hard,

let’s keep on fighting, never give up. We are the champions and the fans will cry out loud,cheer up, no one can stop us now!