The Ruby of the Dragon

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A new children and family game                     –>

for 2 – 4 players

Der Rubin des Drachen

Der Rubin des Drachen - Spielbox

A new board game with lots of fresh ideas for a fun round with children, teenagers and adult friends: „The Ruby of the Dragon“

The Royal Game about the Princess

The knight and princess are the main actors in the game and ensure that identification with the characters takes place.

The game is divided into 4 levels, which ensure that the rules are easy to understand and become more and more complex as the game progresses, so that at the beginning it is already suitable for children from the age of 8, who then gradually also conquer the others levels.
Level II, III and IV then provide additional excitement and fun.

Anyone who has played the game „The Ruby of the Dragon“ wants to play it again and again, as the tension increases from level to level and every „knight“ has the opportunity to show his strengths.

Contents of the game box:

1 playing field
2 dice
1 princess figure
4 knights on horses
4 knights on foot
1 ruby ​​lamp
1 treasure chest with rubies, large and small
Symbol cards
Monster Cards
1 set of instructions

The rules of the game

Game preparation for Level I

1) Place the symbol cards face down on the marked fields of the outer course. The fields next to the monster cards remain empty. The monster cards are sorted out; they are not in play.

2) You place the remaining symbol cards face down in a pile on the “New” field in the middle of the playing field.

3) The treasure chest with the rubies is ready.

4) Each player receives a knight, which he places on his starting field.

5) A cube is provided.

Der Rubin des Drachen - Spielbrett


The Fight of the Knights

How to play Level I

1) All players roll the dice and whoever has the highest number starts. The player with the lowest number is declared treasurer. He manages the treasure chest with the rubies.

2) Continue rolling clockwise. Each knight moves the number of squares he rolled on the course.

3) He now turns over the symbol card lying next to him and another symbol card of his choice.

3 a) If the turned over symbol cards are not the same, he places them face up back on the fields. The flipped symbol cards are now visible to all.

Then he passes the dice on.

3 b) If both turned over symbol cards have the same symbol, he takes them and receives a small ruby, which he places in his castle. These used cards are placed in the middle on the “Used” field and are placed face up. The player fills the empty spaces with new face-down symbol cards from the “New” stack.

3 c) After successfully collecting the same symbol cards, the knight may continue to roll the dice and move on until the cards he turns over no longer fit together.

3 d) If the knight lands on a danger field, that’s bad luck, he has to pass the die on immediately.

4) If 2 or more knights come to the same square of the course, they are put back on the starting square.

5) During the game, the small rubies can be exchanged for large rubies to fill the fields on your own knight’s castle. For 2 small rubies you get a large ruby. The treasurer makes sure that nobody cheats.

6) When the face-down “New” deck is used up, it is replaced with the used cards, which have been thoroughly shuffled beforehand.

7) The winner is the knight who is the first to have 5 small and 5 large rubies in his knight’s castle.

How to play Level II

Game preparation as for Level I

All rules of Level I also apply to Level II

That is new:

The princess is placed in the middle of the playing field

The Princess

Prinzessin Spiel

8) If a knight rolls a 6, he gets the princess and a large ruby. He is now the protector of the princess and gains a large ruby ​​every time he collects 2 cards.

9) The game is over when a knight has 5 small and 5 large rubies in his knight’s castle. He then receives the princess and may start the next game with the princess, giving him a large ruby ​​from the start when collecting the double symbol cards.


Game Instructions Level III

Game preparation as for Level II

All the rules of Level II also apply to Level III

That is new:

The danger cards are shuffled under the symbol cards.

The Rubylight is placed in the middle of the playing field.

The Danger

8) The danger cards, like the symbol cards, are now face down on the outer course and can be revealed if a knight stands next to them.

9) If a knight enters a danger field (corner of the parcours) there is an alarm. The princess is in danger. The knight that lands on the danger square must immediately switch on the Rubylight and all other players search for the matching danger card among their 4 symbol cards (on their game course).

9a) The appropriate danger card is found:
Whoever finds the right danger card and is the first to name the danger receives the princess and a large ruby. (monster, witch, wizard, dragon)

He puts the Rubylight out – the game continues. The princess stays with him.

9 b) If two players call out the name of the danger at the same time, the protector of the princess decides who to give her to. The recipient must then pay a large ruby ​​from their treasure chest.

9 c) If the appropriate danger card is not found, the Rubylight stays on. The princess is placed on the danger field and can now be freed by any knight who has a 6 dice during the game or who has the appropriate danger card.

9 d) The knight who now finds the right card as the game progresses takes the princess. He pays the previous owner a large ruby.

The Rubylight is deleted.

10) If a knight turns over a monster card that is not currently in use, he can buy it for 1 small ruby, or put it back face down if he has no ruby, or does not want to buy it. The game then continues immediately by passing the die.

I.e.: It makes sense to buy such a monster card and keep it with you, since it can save the princess.

11) The game is over when a knight has 5 small and 5 large rubies in his knight’s castle. He then gets the princess and gets to start the next game with the princess, giving him a big ruby ​​from the start when collecting the cards.

Game Guide Level IV

Game preparation as for Level III

All rules from Level III also apply to Level IV

That is new:

From now on there is a jackpot in the middle of the playing field (next to the ruby ​​field), where the penalty rubies are collected.

Knight figures on foot come into play. They are ready.

2 dice are needed.

New moves and rules for Level IV

The Jackpot

11) Knight fight for the princess

(with 2 dice)

if two knights come onto a danger field at the same time, they have to roll (fight) for the princess. Whoever rolls a 6 first gets the princess. The knight who lost must now walk with the little figure, he looses his horse.

12) Bad manners

If a knight uses a swear word during the game: crap, shit, stupid, fuck (other swear words are also possible) he must walk. (with the little figure)

His horse is placed in midfield and stays there until he can trigger it. He has to earn his horse again, he can’t save the princess on foot. He has to pay 3 little rubies into the Jackpot.

Continue as in point 11)

13) How to hit the jackpot:

Whoever saves the princess for the 3rd time wins the jackpot. If the jackpot is empty, he’s out of luck. The jackpot can be used to fill up your own treasure chest. 

14) Song of a Minstrel
If a knight reveals a danger card that could save the princess, but is completely broke, he must sing a love song (the song must have at least two verse lines that rhyme) e.g. 

„Oh my dearest princess,
soon I get your kisses“

Each knight has to come up with a new text.
Of course he gets up, kneels down and sings loud and beautiful.
If all other knights agree, the singer gets the princess.
If his singing is too bad or the lyrics don’t rhyme at all, he gets a big ruby ​​from the treasure chest as a consolation. Then he doesn’t get the princess.
The majority of knights decides.

15) Crusade

The knight comes to a square and reveals a card. He can now, as usual, either collect a pair of matching symbol cards or, if that is not possible, move on.
If he collects the duplicate symbol cards and rolls a 6, he may collect all face-up symbol cards (even if they don’t match): this is his crusade. He receives a small ruby ​​for each card. After that it goes on as usual.

16) The game is over when a knight has 10 small and 5 large rubies in his knight’s castle. He then gets the princess and gets to start the next game with the princess, giving him a big ruby ​​from the start when collecting the cards.