Musical „Heartbeat“


A musical for families and for everyone who loves music that goes directly to the heart

Writing a Musical

The Dream, the big Dream of writing a Musical, this is something many musicians want to do. And I also dream this big Dream. Maybe, it will only be a vision, but to work on this vision is very challenging for me. So I have startet to write a story and to create songs for my „Musical-Dream“.  And meanwhile it has become reality.

The story is about two young people, who live in different countries far from each other. One day they will share their life together and a Robot arriving from the Outer Space helps them to find their way. During their journey they will learn about the world’s problems and understand how important it is, to find love and peace for all the people that live on this wonderful „Blue Planet“.

Sunny, a warmhearted guy is always with them with his funny propositions.

All songs on this page are Demo-Songs by EH Production
(all rights reserved)

The Main Theme of the Musical: „I can see the Diamonds“

Songs for Noah

1. Song of Noah „The Best of Me“

Noah is the main character of the musical. He is an Inuit, living in the Arctic. Noah grew up whaling, but hates killing whales. He wants to leave this cold country to find a wife and start a family far away.

2. Song of Noah „I’m not a Hero“

3. Song of Noah „New York“

4. „Song Lucy and Noah „My Fantasyland“

5. Song Noah „Be Love“

6. Song of Noah „Fly to Me“

Songs for Lucy

Lucy is a main character in my musical. She is an African girl who has to leave her homeland and her country. She lives in a country where civil war is raging and she was promised to a warlord as his second wife, but she refused and ran away. She wanted to go to Europe and had to deal with many difficulties and violence on her way.

7. Song Lucy „You saved me“

8. Song of Lucy „I want to see your face“

9. Song of Lucy „Follow your Heart“

10. Song of Lucy „Good-Bye is not Good-Bye“


The main characters of the play Lucy and Noah sing some duets on the phone until they will be together.

11. Duet Lucy and Noah „Love is more than a word“

12. Duet Lucy and Noah „I believe in You“

A Song for Anna (support cast)

In one of the last scenes, Anna  performs only one song. She’s the unlucky girl. She fell in love with Noah at first sight, but she has to give up and leave the place. But Anna still has the engagement ring that belongs to Noah’s bride. What will she do?

13. Song Anna „A Symbol of Love“ (supporting cast)

A Song for the Refugees

This Gospel Song is for the Refugees coming from Africa. They are on their way to Europe for a better life. They help Lucy to escape the soldiers of the Desert Lord and give her protection in their community.

This Demo is from an original Gospel Choir of Nigeria with life instruments.

14. Gospel for the Refugees „The Promised Land“

Songs for Sunny

The third main character of my musical is „Sunny“, a robot from the Andromeda Galaxy. As Sunny is present in nearly each scene, it has a own „Theme“ that always occurs in different arrangements, when Sunny is on stage. Sunny is a funny guy with an open heart, he is always there when things get dangerous for Noah or Lucy.

15. Song for Sunny „Sunny’s Theme“

The further Songs are not available as Demos at the moment, only as Lead-Sheets.

16. Song for Lucy’s Mother „Lost“ (supporting cast)

17. Song of the Desert Lord „No Mercy“ (supporting cast)

18. Sunny’s Song „A Miracle“

19. Noah’s Song „Waiting“

20. Noah’s Song „So high the Waves“

21. Lucy’s Song „A Light for me“

22. Noah’s Song „A Dream of Love“

23. Sunny’s Song „I’m Sunny, Sunny“

24. Noah’s Song „The Red Moon“