Music is the best thing of my life!

eh productionMore than everything I love music and it has turned out that some other musicians, that I know feel the same. It makes our life rich, happy and full of wonderful moments. Thats why I founded eh-production.

On this page you will find all eh-production of songs which were produced during the last two years. I have written all the lyrics and composed the music. Some artists helped me to get my songs to life. I am thankful to all the people who did this for me, made arrangements and played many instruments. So, all songs are original played and sung by singers with great experience.

Most of the artists who work with me are included in eh-production. 

There is a big diversity of songs of different genres. Eh-production contains all of my songs, I’ve written and composed during the last 3 years. There is also a Musical-Site where you find the idea of a musical that will be completed at the end of the year 2021. As soon as the libretto is done, you will find it on my site.

Please go to my videos on my YouTube Channel. YouTube Channel Music and Art online

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The Artists, Audio Samples and Videos 

So, enjoy the songs and spend a nice time on my site!