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When you find people who like to work with you and open their heart for the realization of new songs a lot of positive things happen. And the music studio of Uwe Sabirowsky was the best we could find for the production.

Have a look at the small video I took during the production and mixing of my songs in Cologne at the MINIROCK MUSIC Studio, you can see how much it takes to produce a good song. 

The making-of of „Ich sag Hello“ and „A perfect love“

 At the MINIROCK STUDIO in Cologne, October 2018

A lot of musicians did their part to get to a result that shows what you can achieve of some single notes and phrases.

George Pavicic (Arrangements, Singer, Producer)

G-REX is the Solo Project of George Pavicic, from the Schweinfurt area in Germany.
Born and raised in Mannheim, G-REX grew up under the influence of lots of different music styles, covering a huge span from Pop, Soul, Beat, Rock, Reggae, Latin or Jazzy stuff as well as German Schlager Music. He learned very soon that music categories do not really matter. All that matters is whether one likes to hear it or not.

That’s what music is all about.

If it touches you, If it feels good, if it feels like from the heart, if you love to hear it – it’s good.

Klick here to see G-Rex playing the Blues

George Pavicic is arranging and singing some of my new songs, please have look at

my Videos

and New Songs

Menno Stuifmeel (Singer)


Audio-CD „Ich sag Hello“

Menno on stage
Menno on stage
Menno singing
Menno singing

Study at the Royal Conservatory Den Haag: Major subject music and minor subject jazz piano graduated with the „Bachelor of Music“, teaching at the Mollerlyceum in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

International tour with my a capella band „Montezuma’s Revenge“

Music teacher at the Mollerlyceum with focus on singing, thater and piano, further fields of activity: arranging, composing, workshops, recordings.
Experiences in the fields of singing, theater, stage work

Moving to Germany, working at the Music School Hof / Saale and Bayreuth, and at Jimmy’s Musicschool in Wiesau as a freelance vocal and piano teacher           

working as a part-time teacher in the Realschule Naila for music and song accompaniment                                         

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Emma Stuifmeel (Singer)

Renate Otta (Singer and Back-Vocals)

Ralf Neuhaus (Drums)

* 1963 in Bochum Langendreer. Self-taught – Studying the drumming by playing drums 😉

Musical stations, etc .:

Bands: Pulp Culture 1988 – 1996, Bellicoons 1992/93, Strandjungs 2001/2002, Central Park Band 1988 – today, DJ Ötzi 2006 – 2016.

Music Theater: JFK-the Rock Opera, 1993, world premiere, Münster
Asylum – Theater Krefeld 1996 world premiere
Sisters, music theater in the district, 2000, world premiere
Joseph, Colosseum Theater Essen, 1997
Starlight Express 2001 – today
Spamalot, Schauspielhaus Bochum, 2015

As a representation:
Saturday Night Fever, Musicaldome Cologne
Mama Mia, Colosseum food
Stars in Concert, Weststadthallen Essen
We Will Rock You, Musicaldome Cologne
Grease, Capitol Theater Düsseldorf
Aida, Colosseum food
Rocky Horror Show, Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

Ralf Neuhaus - Drumset
Ralf Neuhaus – Drumset
Ralf Neuhaus - Starlight Express
Ralf Neuhaus – Starlight Express
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Ian Breck Stewart (Bass)

The Canadian bassist has been part of the original cast in Bochum since the beginning of the musical „Starlight Express“.

Here, he was repeatedly given the opportunity to realize his musical skills in other productions – and worldwide.
So he was engaged for the premiere of the musical „Saterday Night Fever“ 1999 on Broadway in New York, played in the West End in London „Fame“ and numerous well-known musicals in Europe and America and the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.

More about Ian Stewart:

Ian Stewart is also known from various TV productions and worked with the original band of Elvis Presley (TCB band), Ryan, Der Graf von Unheilig and more, and is a regular bass player in RTL’s „Chart Show“.
Other concerts and tours with Bobby Kimball (Toto), Fritz Brause Band, Willi Meyer, Helen Schneider, Taco, DJ Ötzi, Houston Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Lloyd Webber Lifetime Achievement Award, NBC Christmas Special New York City and more…
For 20 years, Ian Stewart has played in various band constellations throughout Europe every year in clubs Aldiana and Robinson.

Working in the Studio: (studio music)

Even as a studio musician he worked in various productions with Rodger Hodgson, Les Humphries Singers, Edy Edwards, Nigel Wright, Phil Edwards, Haddaway, Chris Parker, Willi Meyer and Frank Diez, and others.
With Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) he toured from 2009 – 2011 through Europe, Africa, America and South America. 

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Matthias Schinkopf (Sax)

Uwe Sabirowsky (Studio, Mixing and Mastering)

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