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I would like to show you, how an abstrakt painting can be realized without any knowledge of composition, mixing colors or special skills. What you only need is Acrylic Colours, a wooden plate or a canvas and 3 brushes from small to big. And then you can start. 

The following video is not an instruction, but only an idea how you can start – and what is really important: Acrylic Colors can be covered again and again, until you get the result you desire. It depends on the time you will spend to create a painting and of course of the dimensions of your canvas. At the beginning don’t start too big.


music and art edith
Painting in my studio

For more than 30 years I am working as an artist, creating acrylic paintings, drawings, love artmixed media and etchings.

During the past years I showed my work at many exhibitions and organized presentations of my paintings and also for other artists and artist-groups, as


In my studio I sometimes offer work-shops or paint together with interested people.

I always paint series of certain themes, like New York, Abstract Visions, Freedom, etc.


Explaining abstract painting is difficult, because most of the people want to understand a picture. When painting abstract the artist follows his sensitivity for colours, for shapes and he must have the skill to draw things he has in mind. Sometimes painting abstract is similar to making a poem. Abstract art will not show any subject – it is totally free and in it’s purest form it should not look even like something. And believe me – this is hard work to do!

You may say it is kind of „pure art“, which comes up in the early 20th century. One of the most famous artists of abstract art was Wassily Kandinsky. He believed that coulors provoke emotions. That is also what I feel, when I am painting. There is a time, when I use more red (lively, confident), or I use blue in different tones (deep and natural) or sometimes only white and black (full of possibilities).

Painting abstract for me means: experimenting with shapes, coulors and emotion.

Some of my work is not really abstract, you can find there symbolic signs, figurines, and other items, put into a new context.

Some examples with explanation


art blaues Fenster
Blue Window – a sight through a window at the beach
art - cross
White cross in the fields – symbol for dying, expressing hope with green and blue
art red painting
Red moon – a picture with solid things like circles, sticks, shape of a moon, etc., partly abstract