forest meditation

A forest meditation for your health

A forest meditation gives you more strength and confidence for your everyday life

Start with a walk in the woods or some running training in a beautiful wooded area or park.

It is important that you move in a natural environment that is not too crowded.

The fresh air, the smell of the forest, the scent of the meadows strengthen your immune system and let you be a little closer to heaven.

Thoughts begin to focus on positive things and the birds singing become unmistakable, making it easier to let go.

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with a „forest meditation“?


I come to that now:

Running or taking quick walks demands our endurance and our whole body. Then when we take a little break, we could do a meditation.

This break does not have to be longer than 10-15 minutes. All we need is a place where we can sit down unobserved, to pause and let nature work its magic on us.

It is not important whether it takes place in the forest or in a park or on a meadow in the countryside. There is the right place for a short break on every promenade.

What do you need for that?

Meditation outdoors sounds crazy at first if you don’t have your own garden or balcony, but it’s a lot easier than you think. All you need is a small mat that you can comfortably sit on. This mat can be cut from a car window cover as it is a lightweight and insulating material.

You should spray the mat well with an insect repellent spray to prevent ants or other crawling animals from perching on it. A small, tailored yoga mat is of course also possible.

A water bottle with water is also helpful. If you need music for your meditation, take headphones and your mobile phone with you, then you can switch off guaranteed. (I prefer the chirping of birds)

How do I meditate outdoors (forest, meadow, park)?

You lay your mat on the floor and sit cross-legged on it. Put all your things right in front of your feet. Close your eyes.

Listen to the sounds that surround you and breathe them calmly and evenly. After you have already run a distance, try in your mind to go through this section of the route again. Try to remember details. Keep focusing on your breath and trying to keep your eyes closed.

After a short time, your head will calm down and you can open yourself completely to the sensations that nature has in store for you. The good air, the scent of the surroundings, the bird calls, everything becomes a unit that brings well-being. When you have the feeling that you can go on rested, get up again and stow your „props“ in your small backpack and set off again.

I promise you will want to have this experience again and again. It not only brings calm, but also relaxation that running alone cannot provide.

There is another advantage of this meditation: you will soon find that you can extend your distance, because the forest meditation gives you strength and endurance.
You should therefore plan more time for your run in the future.

This is my personal path that I prefer to run and meditate

If you are also interested to do meditation indoors, I can recommend you to use
singing bowls from India or other Asian Countries. A singing bowl does not cost
a lot and it can help you to get into a deep meditation as soon as the bowl
is „singing“.
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