New Songs 2020/2021/2022

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„Just having Fun“

Singer: George Pavicic


 „Still in Love with You“

Singer: George Pavicic



„Calling you tonight“


Singer: Susann Schönfeld


„Ist das nicht der Wahnsinn“

Singer: George Pavicic


„One perfect Summer“

Singer: George Pavicic



„Du bist ein Stück vom Himmel“

Singer: Susann Schönfeld



„A kiss at the door“

Singer: G-Rex (Georg Pavicic)




Singer: G-Rex (George Pavicic)



Singer: G-Rex (George Pavicic)

„Just for You“


Homless HeartTo share ones feelings, hopes and love is what we are all searching for. Nobody wants to stay alone. If you have lost your confidence in someone you get the feeling of a „homeless heart“.

Singer: G-Rex (George Pavicic)

„My homeless heart“


Back to the roots – Blues Music takes you there. Dreams, hopes, love, longing, all emotions of feeling blue are contents of today’s blues and it creeps into your bones.

Singer: G-Rex (George Pavicic)

„I feel the rhythm“

Never stop dreaming – but start living! The world is real and your dreams become real, when you try to leave the world of fantasy. 

Singer: G-Rex (George Pavicic)

„Stop Dreamin'“

If you marry, this love should last forever – that’s what the song wants to express. This could be the perfect song for a wedding.
If somebody is interested to sing this at a wedding ceremony, feel free to contact me for getting a playback and a Lead Sheet.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„My Love is Forever“

When you stay with somebody you love, this person is always on your mind, at every time, at every place. And every day you get up in the morning you will think of her…

Singer: G-Rex (Georg Pavicic)


„Every Day“

Home is, where your heart stays. This song shows the way to the place, we belong.

Singer: G-Rex (Georg Pavicic)


„My Way Home“



This song tells the story of a man who cannot change. He just wants to be loved for his own sake.

Singer: Andreas Hönsch

„A Man like Me“


A poetic song in French, one could also say it is a „chanson“ for lovers. Its about the fantasies you have for being together with a girl, the romantic hopes and wishes for a true and long lasting relationship.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„Comme le souffle du vent“


Sometimes we get apart from our partner and have to find a new way to get him back. This song tells about the problems and feelings we have during this difficult time. But at last we will be „together again“.

Singer: Susann Schönfeld

„Together Again“


Meer, Sturm

„Like the waves at the shore change their direction, our mind is free to find the right reflections“. We must decide at every moment of our life, what is wrong and what is right.  To find the answers to all our questions is not easy and we all have to fight and to win…

Singer: G-Rex (Georg Pavicic)

„There is a time“

romantic loveSummer, sunshine, blue sky and love, this is what we are dreaming of during the dark time of the year.When the first flowers grow we want to go outside and chill with our love. That’s what the song is about.

Singer: Andreas Hönsch, Susann Schönfeld

„Chilling with my love“


After reading an interview between Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama this song came to my mind. These two spiritual leaders have been talking about a lot of subjects which are the most important things of the world. And their conclusion was: It is   L O V E.  And that is what’s the song is about.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„Be love“


Have you ever been at the Miami Beach with it’s broad beach of white sand, soft waves and warm waters? Have you enjoyed the sun and the colourful drinks at a bar near the beach and watched the sunset? If not, you should plan your next journey immediately. Time is a jetplane, just do it!

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„Miami Beach“

Fliegende Ballons

If love does not last forever, you are sad and confused. If it is a prison, you try to escape. This song tells a story of a relationship that has to end without regret.

Singer: Andreas Hönsch

„Let’s forget about Love“

Herz brennend

When you fall in love, you wish it should be forever. All dreams should come true and the world should be a place of harmony. Sometimes you are right, sometimes you are wrong. When it is about love there is no guarantee! This song is about a sudden love that arrives like a hurricane and questions your identity.

Singer: Renate Markert-Lechler


California Lifetime

Hear the sound of the waves, rolling in, smell the fresh air filled with salt and an indescribably feeling comes to your mind. You want to take your board immediately and hit the waves. In the evening sitting together with your love and friends in a bar at the beach and dancing until the morning breaks out on the bay…There isn’t anything better!
Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„California Lifetime“

A look in the eyes, a tiny touch, anything can trigger a sudden love. No one is safe from it. It has happened to everyone that the person you love has all the qualities you want. That is the content of this song.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel


„Please Stay“

Nothing remains

When love dies, when the doors close, sorrow and despair are arriving. Yet somehow life goes on. The emptiness that sinks over the abandoned is sometimes hard to bear. The song deals with this theme.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel


„Nothing Remains“

red haired lady

The song is dedicated to a friend who always had a hard time in life. Abandoned by her partner, on her own, without an apartment and money. But always in hope of a better life.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„My Red Haired Lady“

love would reign the world

I dedicate this song to a man who has been in a wheelchair for many years and has never given up hope. His book „Love“ in which he shows ways to a better understanding between people was the inspiration for this song.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„Love Would Reign The World“

I've got a feeling

When longing fires the imagination and wishes awaken that seem to be unfulfillable, a cinema takes place in the mind. Many things get mixed up and feelings play their own game. How this game will end remains open. This song contents a „Rap-part“.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel

„The Taste of Love“

Hot summer days

Beautiful days by the sea in the South of France, hot winds from Africa and a love that enchants. The nights are starry and bright, you can hear the music from the bar below. They play your favourite song…

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel


„Hot Summer Days“

Sunny Roboter

A little toy robot that has been on the shelf for many years.He comes to life and inspired me to this song. With a little bit of fantasy, it becomes a person who has a life of his own.

Singer: Menno Stuifmeel


„She’s A Robot“