„IxximixxIxximixxi“ Tiger Cat

„Tiger Cat“

This game is a combination game for the little ones from 3 years. Due to the many possibilities to put the face of the tiger cat together again and again, every child will experience quick success, as they can constantly create new cat faces and this creates a lot of action.
The rules are very easy to understand.

.Kartenspiel für Kinder ab 3 Jahren, lustig und innovativ

A combination game for children from 3 years, when used as memory: from 6 years

The game consists of 60 cards, game instructions and a box

Game Rules:

• All cards are placed face down in the center of the table.

• Each player takes 4 cards to start with the cat’s first face.

• Then one after the other takes 2 cards again and everyone tries to complete their cat faces.

• Maybe only some of the faces can be in one color, others need to be mixed.

The „tiger cat“ scores the most points.

• When all the cards are used up, everyone can put the cards that don’t match back in the middle of the table and each child gets 4 cards to try again.

Kartenspiel für Kinder, ab 3 Jahren,lustig und innvoativ

When all the children have finished their cat faces and can no longer put together a whole cat, the winner is determined.

(Adult help in counting points is advisable)

  • Only the finished cat faces are counted
  • 1 cat of the same color is worth 20 points
  • The other mixed cats count 10 points
  • The tiger cat in one color counts 30 points
  • The mixed color tiger cat is also worth 10 points.
  • The winner is the player with the most points.

The game can also be played as a memory

Children should be at least 8 years old to play the memory game, because putting together a cat face requires 4 cards and the similar parts on the cards can easily be mixed up. Great attention is required here.

Game Rules

All cards must be placed on the table in regular rows and everyone is allowed to turn over 2 cards at a time. Only when he manages to find 4 cards that fit together to form a complete face can he take the 4 cards. Then he can try again. The usual rules for memory apply.

The term „IxximixxiIxximixxi“ can be used as a series title, so that there are many other ways of designing new motifs. A box with 6 – 8 different motifs in a small carton could fit on any counter and thus be an ideal gift for visitors.

The title „ixximixxiixximixxiixximixxi“ should appear as a wraparound title on each box and card.