My music

Welcome to my music!


I am working as an musician, especially writing songs and lyrics. You might have seen my Kickstarter-Project, where I presented a new song, called  „It’s a new life“

The first try to compose a song

This is a very special song for the birthday of my grandchild. It was written in expectation of his birth and it is dedicated to this little boy. But it can also be used as a welcome-song for every new baby.

When I began to write music, I had no clear vision of where and how this would end up. But in the last two years, which were filled with great reflection and new experiences it has led me to the point to get my music out there and share it with all of you. And it goes on – I am writing new songs continuously.

New – new – new

Our next grandchild was born – and of course, for this new baby I have written a song to welcome it in our family.

At his date of birth you can find the song right here.

Here it is: „Hey little boy“

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